Gold Rush Trail Run

There’s singletrack GOLD in them there hills!

adventuretypesdaylesfordpromo-web-11There’s singletrack gold in them there hills. And the main seam runs from Hepburn Springs in the north following Sailors Creek via Lake Daylesford and on to spectacular Sailors Falls in the south of Victoria’s restful Spa country.

It’s a perfect place to mine for trail running riches.



Linking two of the state’s most famous spa retreat villages in quintessential gold mining territory, the event features a highlight middle section of the Goldfields Track, a 220km trail linking Bendigo and Ballarat.

A perfect weekend running getaway.

Tourdetrails, the events company behind the every popular Surfcoast Trail Marathon and Afterglow Half Marathon are teaming with The Running Company Ballarat to showcase the world class trails of the Goldfields Track. The race will be held on 17 December 2016 so start locking away the weekend and booking the weekend getaway packages!

For all the info, visit the site:

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