Sean Williams on Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running – With Sean Williams.

Sean Williams is one of a kind!

He simply loves to run.

Shoes on, Shoes off, rain, hail or even snow – Sean’s done it!

I’ve personally trained with Sean for some time whilst I was living in Sydney and I learnt alot about running but also barefoot running.

Where is it now ?

It was all the craze a while ago, with Vibram Five Fingers, Nike FREE, Vivo Barefoot shoes etc, it went big and then also faded big as well – do people still run barefoot and is it actually good for you ?

I had an interview with Sean some time ago and have finally pulled it together, have a listen and hopefully you’ll gain a greater understanding around barefoot running and how it can benefit you but also learn to stay on the good side of injury free at the same time!


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