I first met Tammy when a friend of mine called me to ask if we could arrange a specific time to catch up with Tammy for a fitting. I naturally asked, “why me ?”

Turns out Tammy has two prosthetic legs and didn’t feel comfortable walking into a running store not knowing anyone.

Fortunately Tammy has been training with her local Step Into Life at West Lakes with Shannon Barry. Shannon is a legend, one of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet, he simply just cares and knows his stuff.

Shannon had put the challenge to her of doing her first triathlon and she needed shoes, her current ones were cheap k-mart shoes that had no grip or cushioning, so when Tammy was training, she’d be worrying about slipping over etc.

The fitting process was pretty much the same as with anyone else but with Tammy’s legs, there was no flexion at the ankle joint so we needed a minimal midsole height shoe. She was also doing Step Into Life outdoor training, so a shoe that would give her grip would be great.

The Nike Terra Kiger worked a treat.

It was a low heel to toe offset, very natural foot shape and form, plenty of cushioning and grip to go with it.

Tammy noted as soon as she put them on what a massive difference all of those features made, they simply made her more confident and comfortable to run – mission accomplished!

We'd found the perfect shoe for Tammy!

So after working with Tammy and hearing her story, I thought i’d share it with our Running Company family, if you’ve got 5, have a listen to Tammy’s positive story, her attitude is something we can all learn from!