In-Store Gait Analysis

Each of our seven nationwide stores offers an expert, personalised gait analysis

Independent running shoe specialists.

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The Running Company is a speciality running store born out of a desire to offer premium footwear and honest, expert advice to runners. As runners ourselves, we take pride in offering industry-leading customer service, digital gait analysis, running and footwear advice.

Digital Gait Analysis backed by years’ of experience and industry-leading expertise

Ever analysed how you run? At The Running Company, we use digital gait analysis to ensure you leave with the correct shoe. We  monitor how your foot, ankle and lower limb function as part of our five-step fitting system.


We listen. To ensure you leave The Running Company with the right pair of runners. Tell us your running history, your goals and objectives, bring in your old shoes and let us know of any past or present injuries.


We observe. Our experienced staff will supervise you barefoot on the treadmill to perform the digital gait analysis. This enables us to clearly see your foot, ankle and lower limb motion and demonstrates the level of support and function you require from a running shoe. From this, we can help you find the right shoe for your particular style of running.


We measure. Using a Brannock device, our sports medically trained staff will measure both feet in length and width and take into account your previous experiences to provide you with a short list of styles which are suitable for you.


We simulate. It’s back on the treadmill to see the effect of the shoe on the foot.


We advise. Based on analysing the results and asking for your feedback on comfort, fit and function. This entire process will ensure you get the right shoe, help you run better, stave off injury and achieve your goals.
Our Philosophy
Experience & Expertise

The Running Company prides itself on expertise through experience. When you walk into The Running Company, you’ll find the staff are runners themselves so they know what you go through, they do too.

Specifically the team at The Running Company have combined experience in running, footwear development and sales in excess of 30 years for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. Tie together this with a genuine passion for living a healthy lifestyle and you know you’re in the right hands to keep you running injury free and enjoying yourself.


Premium Products

The team at The Running Company are former industry executives from the leading sportswear brands. As such, we have close ties with all of the athletic companies and their product development teams, which gives us access to the latest products from around the world.

Medical Referrals

The Running Company prides itself on its close relationships with leading sports medical practitioners. From physiotherapists to podiatrists, we take a collaborative approach to ensure that every athlete is given the appropriate products, service and advice to help them stay injury free and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, we believe in complete communication between ourselves and the referring practitioner, as such we will email the footage of you back to the practitioner to validate and advise them of the footwear choice we’ve made and why.

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