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What’s “old style specials” ?
Being runners, we know and understand that when you find a shoe you love – you just want to stick with it – especially when the model changes!
At TRC, we have from time to time 1-2 pairs of a certain style in each of our stores which are the previous version of that model ie Version 21 when Version 22 has just launched.

Times this by over 10+ stores and that 1-2 pairs now becomes over 20 pairs across the network!

With this, we love to reward our loyal customers who are a part of our TRC family and are just wanting the same shoe as they’ve always had – but this time it’s at a one off discount – exclusive to TRC members.

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  1. These specials are at the discretion of TRC and will be varied in timing and price – stay close to TRC socials to be the first on them.
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