The New Balance Fresh Foam X 880v12

This feature is brought to you by New Balance and The Running Company. New Balance’s 20223 range of running shoes is now available at your local The Running Company store.

Nathan is running in the Fresh Foam X 880v12, the latest evolution of a shoe that’s long been revered as the perfect daily trainer, one with just the right balance of cushion and responsiveness. It’s been described as “a great, classic trainer with a modernised ride that will work for tons of people for a ton of different reasons”.

The retail development manager at The Running Company, Nathan is currently building towards the Ironman Western Australia event in early December, so he’s definitely taking the long view to consistent training – just the thing for a shoe like this.

“It’s super versatile and a no-nonsense workhorse. An absolute go-to in the weekly rotation,” he says.

“It will suit those with slightly more efficient mechanics due to the softness of the foam, but for those that run in a neutral shoe and want something with a touch more sexiness, this is an absolute must try.”

Asked about what he’s noticed about the shoe over the past several months, Nathan reckons its “unremarkable” – in a good way.

“That’s not meant in a derogatory sense but to highlight that the shoe has done exactly what I hoped it would: I’m not conscious of it on my foot, meaning it fits me well, and I haven’t had any issues over the life of the cushioning. It’s held up to intense mileage and a variety of terrain, through the full spectrum of Melbourne’s fickle weather. As far as running shoes go, it just works, and for 80% of my running that’s all I need.”

Nathan echoes Mitch’s sentiments about shoe trends this year. He sees an explosion of colour coming back into vogue to coincide with an increase in stack heights permeating all brands’ ranges. (That’s something that Brianne would go on to forecast, too: “Maximalism. Higher, softer, protecting longer.”)

And if Nathan were a running shoe?

“I’d be a circa-2006 racing flat with elastic laces, two-and-a-half sizes too small. Look good ≠ go good!”

You’re looking good out there, Nath.