Established in 2009. Servicing runners of all levels. Always.

The Running Company was established by Chris Chapman in 2009 with its first store residing at Bondi Beach, Sydney. Born out of a desire to offer premium footwear, honest advice and superior service to runners of all levels, ultimately helping them achieve their running goals injury free.

Following years spent in the retail and wholesale sporting industry throughout Adelaide and London and an in-depth experience at Nike in various roles across Melbourne, Sydney and the US, Chris realised his vision of establishing The Running Company retail stores in Australia.

Sure, we have sports stores here in Australia and yes, they sell running shoes but

1/ They also sell kids black school shoes, netball shoes, work boots so they can’t stock everything a runner really needs.

2/ Some do an analysis of sorts but no one can actually show you how each shoe functions with your foot through a full digital gait analysis or allow you to run in the shoes for more than a few steps in a shopping mall – so how do you really know which one is for you ?

3/ These stores will be selling their products with a kickback or staff incentive from the manufacturers, so the focus is taken away from the runner and what’s going to help you stay injury free and complete that race and placed onto how much money the staff member will make extra on top of their wage by selling the brand that’s being advertised that month.

This happens all the time!

When you want to talk to a runner who not only knows their shoes back to front but who has also run a marathon, completed an Ironman or Ultra marathon and isn’t trying to sell you a pair of shoes to make a bonus but is helping give you a solution to help you achieve your goal, then there simply wasn’t a truly dedicated store specific to this like they have in the US or Europe.

it’s time Australians were offered the  level of service and knowledge that other countries have with their Running Specialty stores – hence – The Running Company was born.

Now with multiple stores across Australia, The Running Company are deeply committed to providing runners of all abilities access to expertise and superior customer service for their running goals.

Established 2009

We Listen

We Listen

To ensure you leave The Running Company with the right pair of runners, we first want to learn about you and anything that is relevant in your running and training history. Have you had any past injuries, or are you suffering from a current setback? Perhaps you have recently seen a physio or podiatrist and want to share their feedback.


We Observe

Our experienced staff will then pop you barefoot on the treadmill to perform the digital gait analysis. This enables us to clearly see your foot, ankle and lower limb motion and demonstrates the level of support and function you require from a running shoe. From this, we can help you find the right shoe for your particular style of running.


We Advise

Based on your barefoot gait analysis, we will suggest a number of running shoe options and allow you to trial them on our in-store treadmill. Once again, analysing the results and asking for your feedback on comfort, fit and function. This entire process will ensure you get the right shoe, help you run better and stave off injury.

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