At The Running Company, we love to share the lessons we have learned running, from runners we have met and supported, and garnered from trusted suppliers and healthcare professionals.

Do I Need Any Other Running Specific Apparel?

When you first get started with running, you don’t need to rush out and buy fancy running clothing. But we do advise that you avoid wearing cotton when running because it holds your sweat and doesn’t dry quickly, which can lead to chafing. Synthetic fabrics, such as CoolMax or Dri-Fit, wick moisture away from your skin so cooling evaporation can occur. Although technical fabric running clothes may cost a little more, you will appreciate the comfort, especially during long runs. It’s also a smart idea to avoid wearing cotton socks. Wearing running socks that are a synthetic blend will help prevent blisters.

Women should make sure that they wear a good, supportive sports bra. The sports bra should fit you properly and not be too stretched out. Most sports bras need to be replaced when the elasticity is lost, or if your weight changes significantly.

What Type of Socks Should I Wear?

You can buy running socks in many different materials, thicknesses and sizes. When choosing a sock for running, the most important factor to consider is the material. You want to stay away from cotton socks. Once cotton gets wet, it stays wet. So, when your feet sweat, the moisture won’t get wicked away. Wearing cotton socks in the winter will make your feet feel cold and clammy and in summer, they will blister.

The best running socks are ones that are made from natural materials such as Merino wool or synthetic materials such as Dri-Fit and CoolMax because they will wick away moisture.

Do Compression Garments Have Proven Benefits?

The Running Company stocks 2XU, whose compression garments have been extensively researched, designed and tested by world class athletes and several of the world’s foremost sporting bodies including the AIS, VIS and RMIT University. 2XU Compression garments are independently tested by leading physiologists at the AIS, who have now released scientifically proven results to indicate that wearing 2XU Compression garments improves athletic performance and recovery.

What Benefits Will I See From Wearing Compression Gear?

The Running Company stocks 2XU, whose compression garments have proven benefits in a wide range of activities.

DURING EXERCISE • Reduced muscle damage and injury via better muscle containment + stability • Heightened agility via increased proprioception + awareness • Improved Performance • Reduced muscle oscillation via reduced muscle fatigue in order to improve muscle endurance, strength and power • Better moisture management through high quality Lycra which wicks moisture from the skin • Temperature control via breathable fabric to keep you comfortable in both hot and cold conditions • UPF 50+ sun protection rating to guard you from harmful UV rays • Odour management via antibacterial, odour resistance fabric to keep you comfortable and confident when working out.

POST EXERCISE • Faster recovery from fatigue • Reduced swelling and muscle soreness • Improved ability to maintain performance levels after wearing compression garments for recovery between bouts of exercise • Improved circulation and more efficient flushing of lactate from the bloodstream.

OTHER • Less risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and jetlag when travelling due to heightened circulation.

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