Gait Analysis

At The Running Company, we love to share the lessons we have learned running, from runners we have met and supported, and garnered from trusted suppliers and healthcare professionals.

What is Digital Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is the study of your foot, ankle and lower limb motion during running and jogging. The process evaluates the foot’s anatomical structure, and its related degree of pronation. Pronation is a positive aspect; it’s the bodies natural mechanism to cushion itself. But it’s the degree to which you pronate that is the concern, particularly as one foot can pronate greater than the other, so we need to try to achieve a sense of balance.

The Running Company offers digital gait analysis, during which we film you running barefoot on a treadmill and study your movement. In digital gait analysis, a customer is filmed from behind and the recording is then played back frame-by-frame to identify specific movements not visible to the human eye in real time. We then use the analysis to assess your degree of pronation and foot fall to help find the perfect blend of comfort, support, weight and durability in your next pair of shoes to prevent injury and ensure that footwear isn’t a contributing factor to any issues you may have.

During the process, our fully trained employees also typically examine patterns of wear on customers’ old running shoes. For example, a worn heel can suggest a heel strike, in which the heel of the foot strikes first instead of allowing a larger surface of the foot to absorb the shock. Runners who land hard can develop stress fractures more easily.

Visit your closest store for your digital gait analysis.

How Much Will the Digital Gait Analysis Cost?

The Digital Gait Analysis offered by The Running Company is completely free in-store, and is just a part of the process we go through to ensure that when you’re purchasing a new pair of shoes, we do all we can to minimise injury through recommending the right shoe.

How Long Will the Digital Gait Analysis Take?

A Digital Gait Analysis appointment typically takes 30 minutes in-store. It can be more or less depending on the person, but please allow at least half an hour for a consultation.

How Do I Book a Digital Gait Analysis Appointment?

Simply give your local The Running Company store a call and we will arrange it over the phone.

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