The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12

This feature is brought to you by New Balance and The Running Company. New Balance’s 2022 range of running shoes are now available at your local The Running Company store.

We recently teamed up with New Balance on a feature in Tempo Journal to highlight the best of their model releases in 2022. Below we hear from BRIANNE HOOK on her thoughts around the latest New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12. For the full article, visit Tempo Journal.

Words and Images by Riley Wolff

Brianne Hook lives in one of Australia’s most idyllic locations: on the coast at Anglesea, a short drive from The Running Company’s Geelong store she runs with her partner. Since having a baby eight months ago, Bri has been on the return to running, banking a lot of easy runs in the 1080.

The Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is undoubtedly New Balance’s most popular running shoe. The 1080 has always been the model that just “works” for most people – a generous bed of Fresh Foam creates endless comfort, while the Hypoknit upper provides the right balance of barely-there comfort and lockdown. For Brianne, the beauty of the 1080 is in its versatility.

1080 New Balance

The slightly denser feeling of the Fresh Foam X makes the 1080v12 quite versatile. I can wear it for easy running and can pick up the pace without feeling sluggish. The 1080v12 can cover all distances from short easy jogs to long runs, doesn’t feel heavy underfoot and can tolerate running over a variety of terrains. Living on the Surf Coast, most of my running is on dirt roads and mild trails, and the 1080v12 can perform every time.

Brianne, who says she runs for the feeling of freedom and loves the simplicity of running, points to a couple of design features that “make” the shoe. “I love the new heel cup – it gives the feeling of a deeper, more secure fit, and the stretchy knit upper disappears around my foot while still feeling locked in.