Here are 5 reasons why trail running is actually great for you!

1/Stronger anyone?

Running in different shoes and different terrains helps to challenge the different muscles not only in your feet but your whole body, as such, you will tend to get a little stronger without even realising it.

2/Go explore!

It’s great to change up where you run, explore different trails, challenge yourself, run up some big hills and then come flying down them (preferably not on your butt! Hence good traction in a good trail shoe helps!)

3/Meet new people.

Trail running is exploding globally, Australia is no exception.

With the different trail running events around Australia, there’s sure to be an event near you.

In Victoria, you can look at

South Australia:



4/ I’m only new. There are plenty of trails out there with distances from 5km through to 105km plus more if you really want. The best thing with trails is that most people at one time or another will have to walk, especially if there are some big hills in there. Ever been in a road running race and stopped and walked, it can sometimes feel like a walk of shame. In trail running because everyone will inevitably have to walk at one time or another as such everyone is super supportive. 5/ Trail Runners are great people. There haven’t been studies done on this so we’re not sure if it’s being out in the fresh air, no cars, the wildlife you love to see such as Kangaroo and Koalas and sometimes the wildlife you don’t love to see, snakes (especially in summer) but runners, on the whole, are awesome people anyways, trail runners seem to take that niceness to a whole new level! Call into your local Running Company store or drop us an email for any info in regards to trail running in your neck of the woods. See you in the woods! (or beach, or scrub!)