This program is designed assuming previous ultra-trail running experience. A trail training program may include anything from strength workouts to long-distance runs. A 100km ultra-trail is more than just running, but also requires some mental toughness and an understanding of the environment.

To view the program click here to download: 100km Ultra-Trail Training Program

  • Designed specifically for the Ultra-Trail event ‘Hut2Hut’ – 100km in the alpine country of Mt Buller and surrounds, with a high level of technical requirements and 5800m of vertical gain.
  • The program consists of an eighteen-week build through four-week blocks with a specific training focus on – Conditioning, Building Distance, and Vertical Training. Every fifth week is a ‘light/de-loading week, and weeks sixteen and seventeen are taper weeks.
  • This program can be adapted for other 100km (or similar distance) ultra-trail events.
  • It would be recommended to:
    • train at varying times of the day including night-running
    • practice hydration and nutrition throughout training
    • practice carrying and using all mandatory gear requirements in training
    • train on varying terrain in different locations
    • have a lead-in race/event of 40-70km around weeks 10-14
    • incorporate a specific and tailored strength program and recovery sessions
    • speak to runners who have done your chosen ultra-trail event for insight into the course, terrain, gear requirements, aid stations, etc