A footwear consultation is not a chance for us to ’sell’ you a shoe but an opportunity for us to help you with your running or walking as much as possible. We are in the business of helping people and ‘What we do’ is all about you.  There is no fee or charge for this consultation.

We love working with all ages and abilities – encompassing everyone from older walkers to young athletes preparing for their first cross country race. 
Through an in depth discussion with each individual about their running, injury and footwear history – as well as their goals and all other relevant information – we can make an informed, collaborative footwear choice that best compliments their unique needs. 
We are not influenced by trends. We do not favour specific brands or products. We are 100% focused on the best outcome for every person who walks through our front door. 
During this process, you will see our owners and professionally trained staff members passionately working to ensure you have the best running or walking experience possible.

Gait Analysis

A core component of the TRC experience is to film frame-by-frame video of you on one of our in-store treadmills. This video is taken barefoot at your most comfortable, natural pace, based on the intended use for the shoes ie. running and/or walking. 
The goal of this analysis is to establish the types of footwear that will best compliment your foot and its natural movement. It enables us to make more informed shoe recommendations and ultimately this leads to a better shoe outcome and a more positive running or walking experience.
Review with customer on Ipad showing results

Greeted in the store

Welcome to The Running Company! We want to know what brings you to us - your fitness goals, injury and footwear history, referral from a practitioner or coach etc. We’ll explain the gait analysis process to ensure you’re comfortable.

Gait Analysis on the treadmill

Initial assessment on the treadmill

Using the iPad, we assess you running or walking barefoot, in a natural state without shoes. This allows us to see how your body moves without the assistance of a shoe or device. If you have your current shoes, we will assess them also to determine whether they have been working with your gait. This helps us make an informed footwear choice.

Review the footage

We’ll help you get an understanding for what we are looking for from your shoe. Using the iPad, we will run you through the footage and explain what your barefoot gait and old shoes are doing, plus what we’re going to need from your new shoes.

Shoe selection

Our staff will bring out multiple shoe options for you to try-on and take for a test run or walk. We’ll explain why we have chosen each shoe and give you an understanding of their technologies and structure.

Setting up ipad to record footage

Testing with the new footwear

You’re buying your shoes to run or walk in - so why just wander around the shop? We’ll get you back on the treadmill and take camera footage of you moving in the new shoes. Each shoe will function differently, so it is important that we compare the results of the new shoes and ensure they are functioning correctly for your gait. We also want the shoes to fit correctly and be comfortable.

New shoes purchased

Purchase your new shoes

You’re ready to take on your fitness goals in a brand new pair of shoes! We’ll grab your details and send you a follow up message in the coming weeks to ensure that you’re happy & loving your new shoes!