The Running Company

Adelaide, South Australia

In October 2013, The Running Company – Adelaide was launched. Founder Chris Chapman was born and raised in Adelaide and it was time for him to return home. He wanted to be closer to his family whom were all still in Adelaide but also saw a massive opportunity to bring everything that The Running Company is to Adelaide, no other store was or is doing what The Running Company do in his hometown.

Managed by Reece Taylor whom not only is a runner but former long time personal trainer and with an outstanding team of runners at the helm, from track, trail or tri, we have a deep pool of knowledge within the team that’ll help you make the right decision on anything and everything from footwear, which gel tastes the best or which trail pack will hold what you need for your event coming up.

Being the sole Salomon S-Lab dealer in South Australia, we’ve got the knowledge and the products to help bring the best out in you and help you achieve your goals and keep you injury free.


Adelaide, South Australia
Shop 3/278a Unley Road Hyde Park 5061
+61 8 8123 0774

Opening Times
Mon-Wed – 9.30am-5.30pm
Thu – 9.30am-7pm
Fri – 9.30am-5.30pm
Sat – 10am-4pm
Sun – 11am-3pm

Nearby Stores
South Adelaide SA
Shop 1/39a, Beach Road, Christies Beach, SA 5165
+61 8 8382 1315

Praise for Adelaide

Running Club

The Running Company Running Club Adelaide

The Running Company – Adelaide Running Club is completely free. It is also a great opportunity to keep fit and meet new people.

Every Wednesday night – leaving 6pm sharp.

Shop 3/278a Unley Road Hyde Park 5061

The Route
We try to vary it every week but it’s usually around 8-10km at varying paces so inclusive for people of all abilities as opposed to exclusive and only for fast runners. We upload the route to Facebook on Monday or Tuesday of every week.

Meet the Team

Chris Chapman, Founder The Running Company
Chris (Chicken as he is more affectionately referred to – it’s all in the legs!) is the founder of The Running Company. Hailing from South Australia, Chris has over 20 years experience in the sporting goods industry, close to nine of those years with Nike. Across various roles, from retail in London, to footwear marketing in Melbourne, then onto EKIN and National Sales both based in Sydney. A combination of a love for great product, being a runner and just a care for wanting to help people make the best footwear decisions to stay injury free is what drives him.

1. Favourite run
Yurrebilla Trail run.
2. Best Running Moment
a) Helping my good friend Lucy smash her goal of sub-4 hour marathon in Melbourne.
b) Winning my hometown marathon in 2006.
3. What do you love about running?
It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what your surname is, what you look like or how popular you may be, running is the ultimate leveller. At the 38kM mark of a marathon, all that bullsh*t goes out the window and it’s at that point that a person’s true humility and personality come shining through – that’s what I love about running. It’s true, raw honesty.


1. Favourite run
2. Best Running Moment

3. What do you love about running?







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