• This training program is designed for somebody who is not currently running but can walk for an hour comfortably. The goal is to be able to run continuously for 5km at the end of the 8 weeks.
  • Everybody will respond differently to the training so don’t compare yourself with others who are doing it with you. We’re all on our own journey!
  • On the rest, walk or XT days, some physical activity is certainly encouraged unless you are feeling fatigued or soreness from the previous days exercise. 
  • If you feel that it’s progressing too quickly it’s ok to go back a week or spend a couple of weeks on one week before progressing.
  • Try to keep the “run” intervals at a pace where you could have a conversation. Goal is to complete each interval rather than run too hard and have to stop early.
  • Enjoy! And remember you’ll always feel better after getting it done 🙂

Download the plan here: Couch to 5km plan

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  • Consistency over time is the key.
  • Recovering between runs and allowing your body to adapt to the training is equally as important as the runs themselves. Keep your easy runs easy!
  • If you feel any niggles coming on see someone before it turns into a longer term injury
  • Vary the surfaces you run on. Get out on the trails and gravel as much as you can. This will help with both enjoyment and injury prevention.
  • Update your footwear regularly. Even having a couple of different pairs of shoes to alternate between can be a helpful way to minimise injury risk. And they’ll last twice as long.