Hoka Tecton X Review

The Runner:

Female, 38 years, 40kg, 4’11” in height

The Shoe:

Women’s Hoka Tecton X Camelia/Blue Coral, 7US

The Brief: ‘Non-Stop Smiles!’

“Runs like a race shoe, grips like a 4×4 tyre, responds in an instant, feels like home, and all at once I have a permanent smile plastered on my face and a feeling of fun and joy in every step!”

This is one shoe extremely worthy of taking its place on every shoe rack of appreciating runners everywhere. Finding its place in the ‘Trail Race’ category, the Hoka Tecton X defines itself across a much broader spectrum of purposes and terrains. An all-rounder of the most uncommon sorts; I honestly believe Hoka have created for runners a sublime and superior piece of footwear genius.

The Review: Extraordinary Greatness!

Laced up and ready to run, the misty morning’s air lay heavy and thick out in McMahon’s Creek. My spanking new Hoka Tecton is afoot; energised and ready to take on its debut test of terrain with me at the helm. In 40mins I threw at them all that that within reach of my doorstep could deliver; greasy tarmac roads, packed dirt four-wheel drive tracks, ankle-jarring loose gravel trails, single tracks, dewy grass, flats, undulations, sharp inclines and longer descents, slippery clay, camber, and a little bush-bashing just for fun! This nimble, sturdy, grippy, smooth, light and reactive little shoe gave me a wink and smile and a big confident ‘this is child’s play’ attitude! “Hang on kids and enjoy the ride” it screamed at me, willing me to challenge its plucky personality and find a flaw, or at least a weakness. Alas, I returned feeling like I had been well and truly outdone by its quick wit and athletic prowess!

Words of advice: Downhill: Lean that torso into the decline and try to keep up with your legs! The efficiency of that trademark Hoka roll is evident in the pace but unnoticeable in the feeling on the feet. Speed: Pack some pace into your stride and your return comes in leaps and bounds! I would happily race road in this shoe I have no doubt it would kindly oblige! Technical terrain: All in a day’s work (or play!) for the Tecton X! That Vibram grip is something special and differently superior to other Vibram soled trail shoes I have worn. It has your back and will fill you with unadulterated confidence for fast descents, swift turns, nimble agility, and absolutely no slipping. Fitting: True to (Hoka) size, the Tecton X gave me perfect forefoot width (I’m that annoying fit between a women’s standard B and a wider D), a secure and comforting midfoot ‘huggy’ feel, heel security, through all paces and strides, and zero foot movement inside the shoe. No inner sole burning, no possible hot spots, honestly nothing that didn’t feel like I had run in this shoe 100 times before like it knew the shape of my foot and adapted without fault. A disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review! I am NOT a Hoka sponsored athlete. This is just one super happy little runner who has found their new favourite shoe! 10/10! Well done Hoka! Nailed it! Hoka Tecton X muddy