Maurten’s New Non-Hydrogel Solid Fuel Bar

Maurten has got a new product and is an option of their new solid bar. This is their first non hydrogel product, so we know the hydrogel was pretty good for the gut issues and they have made two flavours Coco and then the natural flavour

It offers you 41 grammes of carbohydrate and for reference, the standard Maurten gel is about 25 grammes or an average slice of bread or cup of milk or piece of fruit is about 15 grammes.

These new bars are a portable source of fuel that’s easy to digest and pretty good on the stomach. These new bars are made out of oak and rice and we’ve got glucose and fructose syrup in them as well. So for people who have some issues with fructose, you might want to be cautious of this product but for the majority, this will be a fantastic option.

Obviously being a chewable bar as opposed to something that slides down like gel what recommend this for it is your pre-race, post-run or perhaps on your long trail run where you can stop and have a refuel.

These new bars are a perfectly portable option to take on the go.