Mizuno Wave Horizon 6

MIZUNO ENERZY Core enhances the ‘Floating experience’ while running. It is undeniably the softest cushioning and bounciest midsole foam in the Mizuno lineup. This creates ultimate comfort during the run as well as amazing performance through its responsiveness.
Asymmetric Foam Wave Design
An asymmetric Foam Wave design offers more medial support while still using soft and comfortable materials.
The updated Foam Wave design improves the comfort and smoothness of the Wave Horizon 6 while keeping a strong sense of support. MIZUNO ENERZY Core deviates from the medial midfoot, increasing stability on the medial side which will slow down the rate of pronation for those seeking extra guidance.
Medial Rubber Side-Wall
The Medial Rubber Side-Wall provide additional medial reinforcement for someone seeking more guidance throughout pronation.
Smooth Stretch Woven (SSW) Upper
A Smooth Stretch Woven upper improves the overall fit of the shoe while maintaining a strong sense of support. The woven material stretches horizontally for adaption, whilst holding its shape vertically to keep the foot correctly positioned. It also features a medial midfoot welder which reinforces the upper to offer greater support.
Weight Reduction
A reduction in the bulk and weight of the shoe provides for a more efficient ride. 320g Men’s (Size 9) and 270g Women (Size 8).
From our testing, an 8mm offset is preferred by those runners who seek a Floating sensation underfoot. It allows them to land comfortably towards their midfoot and experience plenty of cushioning in the forefoot.
Sustainable Materials
Recycled PET Lining Mesh and Recycle PET shoelaces. To decrease our carbon footprint **PET = Poly Ethylene Telephthalate