Puma Deviate Nitro Elite 3

July 1st 2024

Be one of the first to hit turbo speed in the limited-edition prototype colorway of the Deviate Elite 3 – the lightweight super shoe made for the fastest Olympians and weekend road racers. Redesigned and re-energized to be the ultimate lightweight race day shoe, the Deviate Elite 3 weighs 17g less than its predecessor and features a greater stack height with new and improved NITROFOAM™ ELITE foam. The race day go-to is built on a stiffer carbon fiber PWRPLATE for a more powerfully responsive ride that makes racing fast feel even easier.


“During a marathon, I’m racing for over two hours and with the new NITROFOAM™ ELITE foam I’m always comfortable, have good cushioning, and reduced muscle fatigue in my legs. It gives me a great boost in the later stages of a race!” – Samuel Barata, PUMA Marathoner

“The best racing shoes feel like an extension of your body, and the Deviate Elite 3 is no different. When I put them on, I feel like a better version of myself!” – Molly Seidel, PUMA Marathoner

“Racing has so many requirements on my body and brain. The Deviate Elite 3 helps me accomplish my goals by being an excellent racing shoe and leaving me undistracted to be an excellent racer.” – Jenny Simpson, PUMA Marathoner

As an elite racing shoe, having a product you are comfortable with to perform at your best is massive. Saving them for race day means you know you have that extra edge to get the most out of yourself!” – Jack Rowe, PUMA Marathoner