Launching 1st of February 2024

The PUMA FAST-R NITRO ELITE 2 evolves on RUN PUMA’s most innovative race day footwear for more powerful propulsion.
NITRO ELITE and PWRPLATE highlight our innovative advancements, now with higher stack heights and a more aggressive PWRPlate shape for a more propulsive ride. The cushioned heel that updates to full NITRO, stabilizes your foot fastr and the responsive NITRO ELITE forefoot propels you to maximize running economy.  A fantastic upper fit with ULTRAWEAVE material provides lightweight strength, and PWRTAPE support helps keep the shoe tight to your foot as you fly around your favorite race course. 
The FAST-R NITRO ELITE 2 is the ideal endurance race-day shoe with enough speed for short distances and enough cushioning for a marathon PR. 

A next-generation, psychedelic ULTRAWEAVE upper – 20% lighter than the material used in the original Fast-R – is lined with a bespoke PWRTAPE, whilst the PUMAGRIP outsole ensures maximum multi-surface traction, allowing you to step out to conquer the racecourse in full confidence of achieving serious speed. Making your fast, faster than ever. 

Romain Girard, Head of Innovation at PUMA said: “We received significant feedback from consumers and athletes on the original Fast-R, helping us streamline our focus for Fast-R 2. The result: the most innovative elite race-day running shoe PUMA has ever made. We are already witnessing this shoe break records, with a number of our elite runners smashing their PRs, with many more to come!”