Running uphill is very different to running on a flat or a slightly undulating trail. When when you’re attacking a hill you need to be looking about eye line in front of you so, three meters in front. Because that’s where you want to be placing your foot and your attack is don’t look at the top too far away demotivates you, plus it really puts stress on the body when you’re focusing on getting to that point. What you want to do is to break it down nice and easily, look three meters ahead keep your vision there but most importantly pick your track.

Obviously some tracks are very different, this one usually is quite slippery and rutted out but they’ve obviously been through recently with some back burning and smoothed it off. But in saying that you’ll be able to see it’s kind of a clay and can be quite slippery you know in terms of where your foot placement is. Your foot can slip, so you need to be picking where you want it to go and where is the best spot to get traction. Because once you lose traction you will lose forward propulsion, so make sure vision three meters ahead keep your focus on that spot ahead, with high knees and bring your knees up, you will need a bit more clearance and also make sure you’re working off the balls of your foot and do try to sit on the heels of your feet.


  • Wear the right gear, avoid cotton clothing and wear clothes that have moisture wicking properties
  • Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your run.
  • Stay on the balls of your feet, don’t let your weight shift back, and make sure you are pushing off with your toes.