What Is Nike ZoomX?

Nike ZoomX is lighter, softer, and more responsive than any Nike foam, designed to maximize speed by delivering greater energy return. ZoomX was derived from a foam traditionally used in aerospace innovation, applied for the first time in performance footwear in the Nike Zoom Vaporfly Elite and 4%.

The Nike ZoomX midsole delivers 85% energy return, the greatest of any Nike foam, to give you a propulsive feeling as you move forward.

Key features of Nike ZoomX technology include:

  1. Lightweight: ZoomX foam is exceptionally lightweight, which helps reduce the overall weight of the shoe. This is particularly important for runners and athletes looking to minimize fatigue and increase speed.
  2. Energy Return: ZoomX foam is known for its exceptional energy return properties. It compresses when pressure is applied and then quickly rebounds, providing a responsive and springy feel underfoot. This energy return helps athletes conserve energy and maintain momentum.
  3. Cushioning: Despite its lightness, ZoomX foam offers ample cushioning to protect against impact forces during high-impact activities like running. This cushioning can help reduce the risk of injury and improve comfort.
  4. Durability: While ZoomX foam is known for its performance benefits, it may not be as durable as some other cushioning materials. Nike often combines ZoomX with other materials, such as carbon fiber plates or rubber outsoles, to improve durability and longevity.

ZoomX is often used in Nike’s high-performance running shoes, particularly in models designed for racing or fast-paced training. It’s a key component in Nike’s mission to provide athletes with cutting-edge technology to optimize their performance.