Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro launches on the 19th of January 2023

The Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro is the new super racing shoe with a unique midsole geometry. It is designed for competitive, high-performance running, or for people who are looking for a shoe that can provide a combination of cushioning and stability. The Wave Rebellion Pro features Wave technology in the sole of the shoe, which is designed to provide a balance of cushioning and stability while also helping to dissipate impact forces. Additionally, the shoe has a lightweight, breathable upper and a responsive, durable outsole.

Carbon-infused Wave Plate provides maximum resilience to stabilise the midsole and offers Mizuno’s signature stable ride thanks to the Wave geometry.

These are everything and more. Finally, Mizuno has executed an awesome feeling race shoe.

From the first unique feel when you put them on as the highly beveled heel makes for an interesting feel when lacing up and starting to walk but as soon as you start to run it puts a smile on my face.

Now I’m naturally a forefoot striker so these feel amazing underfoot to me. I did run on my heel for a bit to see how they felt, and to be honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it may be. It transfers you back onto the mid-forefoot nicely and also helps to make you think about landing more forward. Once running they come alive. The foam is bouncy yet has a good amount of integrity to it. So it doesn’t feel too soft or too bouncy that you can help out of balance-touch with the shoes. These just have a perfect balance underfoot. Grip, upper, responsiveness everything feels great. This was all just on a short fast 6km road run.

From Steve @ TRC Lilydale