Favourite shoes?

I fell in love with the Mizuno Hitogami 3 & 4 and were favourites on race day and speed sessions, now Hoka Rincon holds this fort. For versatility it’s hard to go past the NB1080 – I’ve been able to run various sessions in them and on various terrain too. And while I’m a big fan of Hoka Torrent 2 I need width so Speedgoat is the go for the trails ????

Favourite running event?

Those with happy people – I honestly don’t race enough to have one.

Funniest running moment?

Way back in my little athletics days I would fart over every hurdle ????

Do they have any running goals?

To be running when I’m in my 80s and 90s. Short term goals are currently on hold.

Why do they run?

Because I love it… it’s a passion and has been a consistent in my life for over 35 years.

Do they have a trainer / running group?

Bec & GenRun ????????????

Knowledge nugget (staff tips to customers)

“Enjoy the process and freedom” – I feel too many people put too much pressure on themselves and haven’t been exposed to the freedom running gives. Remove the tech and expectations and just run ????

How long have they been working at TRC? What do they enjoy about it?

1 year ????????????… I have 2 – seeing people so grateful for being able to move pain-free/less pain and for the service they receive from us. To be working my passion

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