Meet Steve and Bec Rosel. Passionate runners, coaches, and proud owners of The Running Company Lilydale Est. January 2019. Their dream fulfilled; spending their days running, coaching runners, and at the shop assisting other athletic enthusiasts, recreational runners, walkers, and those with specific footwear needs to ensure that every run and moment in their shoes is special! Both taking up running back in 2010, the couple quickly fell in love with the sport and threw themselves in to training both on road and trail. Bec took to the road marathon competing both in Australia and overseas and quickly moved up the ranks to be placed among the top 20 females in the country. Steve found his true spirit out in nature amongst the trees, coastal trails and challenging terrains and has competed in many ultra-trail events with a passion for creating awareness of conserving our natural wonders. For Bec and Steve; simply the activity of running, being outdoors, exploring new places, spending time together, with friends and with their pup-child Burleigh is what truly inspires them.

Favourite Running Event?

Among so many wonderful experiences, favourites on the running calendar for Bec are the Arthurs Seat Challenge and The Great Train Race! The atmosphere, the uniqueness, and the consistent uphill endurance these races require always ensure a terrific and memorable run!

Best Running Moment?

Steve: Running for conservation in Tasmania’s Takayna 70km Ultra is such a precious memory for me. To experience the wild west of Tasmania’s ‘End of the World’, through virgin forests, the brutal coastal winds, and the challenge of point-point through scrub and undergrowth. Running to raise funds and awareness for the Bob Brown Foundation in a select group of 120 runners was a true gift.

What do you love about running?

For Bec & Steve both it is the sense of freedom, of personal achievement, of experiencing new places by foot, the rush of the endorphins, and the people it has brought into their lives. Running has been pivotal in changing our lives in the most positive way. It is transformative.

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