Gold Rush Trail Run

There’s singletrack GOLD in them there hills!

There’s singletrack gold in them there hills. And the main seam runs from Hepburn Springs in the north following Sailors Creek via Lake Daylesford and on to spectacular Sailors Falls in the south of Victoria’s restful Spa country. It’s a perfect...

Sean Williams on Barefoot Running

Barefoot Running – With Sean Williams.

Sean Williams is one of a kind! He simply loves to run. Shoes on, Shoes off, rain, hail or even snow - Sean's done it! I've personally trained with Sean for some time whilst I was living in Sydney and I learnt alot...

Structure 20 any good ?

Nike Structure 20 – Review

The Nike Structure Triax is about to be released for it's 20th iteration. Over the years, it's gone through some massive changes. Some models having a footbridge, some having W.A.R.P. (Windlass Activation Resupination Pad) under the first metatarsal head and some having...